Training Insane !

Hey guys,
I hope everyone is well, I hope you are all reaching your goals and setting new personal records each day.
Two weeks ago, I created a new workout that included Drop Sets and FST-7’s which was developed by the "Pro Creator" Hany Rhambod. Checkout Jaycutler.com to see some of the sick workouts these guys do.
Our training has once again hit new levels, we have been killing ourselves 6 days out of 7, hitting the weights all 6 days and leaving nothing behind by the time we are finished.

This is what our current split looks like:
Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Chest and Abs
Wednesday: Bis/Forearms and abs
Thursday: Back and calves:
Friday: Tris/Abs
Saturday: Delts:Traps:Calves: Abs

As I stated before, things have been insane for us, we are still using chains to train with, we even use the chains when we start out drop sets. I have noticed all of use gaining great strength from using the chains and myself and one partner are noticing nice lean gains from this type of training.

We have all endured injuries but for the most part we battle through when we can.
So get in the gym, find your focus, don’t let anything break you.
Train smart, eat right and you will be well on your way to a crazy lean body.

If you want gains, eat big, train heavy and reap the rewards of becoming a mass monster.
Have a great week..
Steve Poynter

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