Tuesdays Grueling Chest Workout

Tuesday we put in 110% intensity into killing the pectorals.
I'll tell you what we did below.

Floor presses with 120 in chains.
We hit 5 rounds of floor presses after warm ups, I went up to 175 plus the chains for a final of 2 reps.
Westburgh hit that weight for 1 rep.
Char did 120 plus the bar and 10 lbs for 2 reps.
We focused on pausing and leaving our elbows on the floor for a count of 1 before pressing back up.

Move 2 was incline dbell presses for 4 sets:
We did no less than 8-10reps here, I went up to 100 lb dbells as did Westburgh, Char did her final set with 50's.

Move 3 was 3 sets of hammer strength chest press for reps in which we hit failure and then pushed out an additional 2-5 partial reps. 

The day was finished by stretching out the pecs with 15-20 rep sets of incline fly.

Get in the gym, Get some. Leave nothing behind but a pile of sweat, blood or yack.

Steve Poynter

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