Monday: Legs on the Platter

What's up guys, how did everyone's day go? If you haven't battled the iron yet, get in the gym and destroy some things, be sure you walk out of there knowing that you gave it all you possibly had.

Here we go :
Started the day off with 7 sets of squats, we hit a rep range of 1-6 , 1 of those was around 10 reps as we considered this a warm up.
We all tried for big numbers, Char even went for a 205 squat with purple bands which has a tension of 100 lbs at the top of the move. She didn't get that one but before that, she did get 185 for 2 with the purples.

We then hit up some weighted step ups going for 5-8 reps each leg and holding dbells.

After that we hit up some leg presses with orange bands attached. We started off with 2 sets of high reps, hitting 10-12 then we moved on and done a couple negative sets, taking the negative down by the count of 1,2,3. 3 was at the bottom of the move then you pressed it back up the best you could but with a spot, cause all you focus on was the hard negative.

Back to squats, we hit really wide stance squats, putting 185 lbs of chains on the bar and letting that be it.

We cooked the hams with high rep stiff leg dbell deadlifts, then finished up with 15-20 rep sets of seated leg curls.

Get in , get some...
Don't let the iron beat you down, you beat down the iron because it respects you for it.

Steve Poynter

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