Fitnesspoynters End of Summer Sale......Happening Now... Save up to 20% on select programs.

Morning/ Afternoon or Evening,
Whatever time of day it is, I hope your day has been a great one so far.

Are you motivated, driven and prepared to succeed?
I ask this because I would assume if you are reading this post that you are somewhat or heavily interested in fitness.

I wanted to take a moment to share with everyone that we have decided to have an End of Summer Sale. The savings are up to 20% on select programs. ( 6 days of Savings) 9-9 thru 9-14
Programs that have been proven to change lives in all sorts of ways.

We have helped people lose mass amounts of weight, countless inches, watched people put on lean mass, out of shape people transforming their lives and becoming competitors( though it's not for everyone, a few chose to make it their life).

We have helped countless number of individuals come off medicines, there isn't anyone I will not work with, if you have any health issue , I can find a way to make a program work for you.
I will tailor every program to the person I am working with.

If you can't go to a gym, and you need to workout at home, we can help, we'll draw up a workout based on what equipment you have, if you have no equipment, we can give you suggestions on what to do, like I mentioned, there is nothing we will not take on.

You have endless support from myself and Charlotte Quillen, we'll do all we can to help you succeed, we answer every email that comes in, normally within a couple hours.
We provide motivation, inspirations through blogs, FB posts, instagram posts, youtube, pinterest etc.

We provide food tip videos, workout tip videos and so much more.

So with that said, take a moment and checkout our site, checkout our transformations and see if you see a program that may fit what you are looking for.
6 Day End of Summer Sale

You can find us here.
Fitnesspoynters.com   Home page
Our Transformations : Transformation gallery
Fat Loss/ Weight Loss/ Lean mass gains programs : Program page

Look for our new revamped website to be launched within a few days.

Thank you guys, enjoy your day.
Steve Poynter
Charlotte Quillen

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