Tabatha's Journey to Forever Fit.... Transformation Story

Hello everyone, I really hope you are all doing well , staying motivated, staying driven or just enjoying life for that matter.

I have a friend on Facebok who has made a really great decision in life and has made some really great progress and I asked her to write up a little something so I could share it with you guys.
I am sure many of you can relate and hopefully this will inspire and motivate you to take things to a new level in life.
We all deserve the best and the best way to make sure we live the best life and to the fullest is to get our health in check.

I am always here to help someone out and you can find me at Fitnesspoynters.com as most of you know.

But today, we are sharing the story of " Tabatha Camacho" .
You can find her on Facebook and you can find her amazing and inspirational page at the link below.
Tabatha's Forever Fit Journey.. Facebook

Here is a little insight about Tabatha...

"As a child I was always on the chunky side. That is not a surprise at all considering I lived in a house where I ate what I wanted, when I wanted. When I finished a meal I could go get something off the candy table.

Anytime throughout the day when I wanted something I just went and got it. Gravy and biscuits for breakfast, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and fried potatoes for lunch, grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and a snack of a fried chicken patty sandwich with chips before bedtime. By the time I was in high school I was pushing 230 lbs and was wearing a size 18.

I knew I had a problem, I also knew I had to change. But how do you do that, how does someone change? Looking back on it all now, I wish I would have had some of the insight that I do now. At that point in my life change for me was eating all the unhealthy processed food out there that catered to dieters. If it said “low fat” or “fat free” I tried it. I wont lie, I lost weight, I lost 40 lbs in a short time. I also lost energy, I lost concentration, I gained health problems and in the end I didn’t feel any better about myself than I did when I was 40 lbs heavier. I never really liked myself or felt like I was making an improvement on myself, even though the number on the scale was going on. 

I continued with this process through college, graduate school, and 2 kids. About a year after my 2nd child I had reached a point of desperation. I was eating at most 1200 calories a day. I was running 4+ miles a day, and I was just not losing weight. I was desperate, and my husband knew it. At that point he gave me the best gift he has ever given me, for my birthday he gave me a gym membership and a consultation with a personal trainer(Jim McDaniel- Glenn Fords Fitness Center/ Lexington). I really do consider that point in my life to be when I turned a corner. I started strength training 3 to 5 days a week and doing cardio on a regular basis. I totally revamped my diet to include real food, as opposed to the over processed “fat free” junk I had been eating before, and most importantly I started seeing the changes in myself that I wanted to see. The most beautiful part of the transformation, when you reach this point, is that the changes that are taking place inside become just as important as the ones you are seeing on the outside. I gained confidence in myself and no longer placed my self worth on the number I saw on the scale. I started to appreciate my body for the things it could do. Most importantly I started to love myself and in the end, nothing is as important as that.​"

Want to follow Tabatha and learn more about her life altering transformation?
Follow the link above, there are daily motivational posts put on her page, we can all find motivation from it, no matter who we are, where we are, what life we lead etc. Fitness is always something that can be inspiring, especially the Transformations you will see take place on pages like this.

Thanks everyone, have a fabulous day.
Stay motivated, stay driven. Find consistency, determination and be unbreakable.. You're worth it!

Steve Poynter

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