New Charlotte Quillen Training Videos along with Tips ... 8 weeks out as of today.

 Morning/ Afternoon or Evening,
I wanted to remind you guys about our 20% off sales going on now at Fitnesspoynters .
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Here are some new training videos from Charlotte Quillen and Fitnesspoynters.com as she preps to compete in 8 weeks in Kentucky at the NPC show called the Kentucky Muscle.

Subscribe to her channel as we will be getting into more info such as nutrition, more training tips etc.
There are tiny things in each video you can pick up on to take your training to a new level.
It's not just about pushing weight, it's about how you push and pull that weight and how you put your body into certain positions during that lift that can bring the most detail and size to that area.

Best viewed in HD.

This is a full leg workout, at the end, we give rep ranges etc.

Here is the newest video at 8.5 weeks out.. She trashes back and legs.

Thanks guys.
Everyone have a fabulous weekend.

Steve Poynter

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