My Personal 12 week Cut :

Today: December 14, 2009 , I have officially started my cut as I concluded my 14 week bulk..During that bulk , I went from 163 lbs at 5% bodyfat up to 208 lbs and managed to keep my bodyfat at 9.7% , which I was beyond happy with..
I used one of the Mass Meal Plans from http://www.fitnesspoynters.com I also combined that with a newly made workout I made up for 2009. I continued to use Cellucor supplementation: M5, NO Extreme and R3..

With my cut, I will also be using Cellucor supplementation with products such as WS1, T7 , NO and R3.
I will be combining the supplements with my Psychotic Fat Destruction workout and a new meal plan, called a Ketosis(Keto) plan..
This should be an interesting combination as the Psychotic workout is insanely intense and the keto diet is a 0-50 carb based meal plan.. The workouts should force the body to pull from fat stores, resulting in great fat loss in a short amount of time..

I'll keep you guys posted as how to how I am feeling as well as how I am progressing over the next 12 weeks..
I will also be including Video Progress reports as well as a few training video clips from time to time..

Thank you all for checking out this blog: Feel free to comment with motivational info..I need it from you guys just like you guys need it from myself and the team from time to time..

Have a great week.

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  1. Way to go with the bulk, Steve!!! Kill it like you always do with the cutting process! Can't wait to see the end result! Thank you for being such an inspiring motivator!! Team Poynter has nowhere to go but UP with your lead in 2010! :D