Daily update of Training!

Hey guys,
I hope everyone is doing great and your training is as intense as ever..

I am going to start writing a few blogs per week, talking about my training, intensity and progress being made.
I want to motivate you to get in the gym and do all you can to make your progress something amazing.

So here is what today looked like for us as we murdered some iron.

I must say today was one of the best days in the gym that I have had in a long time, we straight up murdered out chest.
We did a lot of chain training and took our reps to the max.
Here is a glimpse of what we did:

Incline Barbell:4  sets of presses with chains
Flat Barbell:4  sets with chains:
Heavy DBell Flyes: Heavy dbells, high reps
Dips: Extreme high reps of dips to kill the lower pecs.

By the time we were finished, I was soaked from the intense training, I was spent to the max, my chest had no more to give so with that being said, we proceeded on to kill some calves supersetted with ab work.
Once we left the gym and I killed one of Optimums Maxx Recovery drinks, we proceeded to go run about 1.5 miles in heat of over 98 degrees.

What did you do today? Do you feel as though you left the gym not giving it all you had? Are you one who went in there and killed it and left knowing you defeated the iron and you can go home and rest peacefully and happily await your next session vs the Iron?

Whatever you did, no matter if it was raw or mild, you did great by getting in the gym and hitting it.
Never let anything stop you from getting in the gym and working toward your goal."
Everyone have a great night and a great day of training on Wednesday!

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