Intense Training Leaves me Walking Half Dead!

This is Day 4 out of 5 of my training split, I still have Delts and Traps left to kill and I will do so on Friday.
Today we murdered bis and tris. We used a lot of chains to train today and you definitely feel it after you use chains to push out reps.

I have been straight killed every day this week after training has been over.. I never want to get out of bed as I go through the night tightening up and waking up like a stiff log due to the hell I have put myself through the previous day.

Today was murder and I congratulate my cousin for hanging in there with me and going all out, as I previously stated, this is his 4th week of training and the progress is incredible to date..
Today this is what we went through:

Close grip bench presses with chains: 5 sets up to 225 lbs plus 54 lbs of chains(The best part of today is, we never weighed the chains after putting the collars on and they weight 54 lbs and we had been thinking they were 38 lbs, so our lifts have been pretty impressive knowing this. It’s funny what you can do when you don’t know the weight you are pushing.
Due to tendinitis some moves were put on hold for tris
Cable Kickbacks:
Drop Set Machine Tri-Dips
Seated Dbell curls: 4 sets
Ez curls with chains: 4 sets
Machine preacher curls: 3 sets

After this myself and Bodyspace’s own Beautifulgrace went and did suicides in 95 Degree heat, then did 12 hill climbs followed by a mile run.

So to sum things up, if you read my previous blogs from this week, you will see that we did indeed put ourselves through hell and this is really , truly the only way we know to train, we go balls to the wall, leave it all in the gym and then dig some more out in order to get in cardio.
If you ever are in the Richmond Kentucky area, I invite you to come train with us one day.
Big props to my training partners and my Team Poynter members who kill it in the same gym:

Facebook users:
Adam Mattingly
Charlotte Quillen
Courtney Carpenter
Mark Allen Settle
Thank you guys for having what it takes to get through these workouts and never biotch or moan about what we are doing..

Everyone have a great weekend, I am setting out to hit Myrtle Beach South Carolina early Saturday Morning!!

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