Missing Hardcore Training while on Vacation!

Well I took a week off from training this week, I made last Friday my final day before we left out for South Carolina -Myrtle Beach.

I must say it is a fabulous time down here with 14 family members that include my amazing chic , bodyspace member Charlotte Quillen and our beautiful daughter Amaya.
We’ve had a great time the past 4 days, high heat, lots of playing in the ocean and chasing kids around the sand.

I do miss my insane workouts, that is the only downfall of this trip. When you train raw and hardcore like I do , you hate to miss one day of training, no matter what the reason being is.
I am happy to take a week off, as we all should take a break every 10-12 weeks at least. When doing this we allow our torn down muscle tissue to heal and then when you get back in the gym, you normally see yourself pushing more weight and you see quicker progress.

When I return to the gym next Monday I plan on unleashing pure hell on some weight. I plan to make the next 12 weeks of training the most intense we have ever endured. I will put my workout partners through things they never imagined. We will all progress, we will all cut fat, we will all build new muscle.
Lord be with whoever I train with, the beast will be unleashed hahaha..

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