A Grueling 2 days vs The Iron

After taking a week off of training to take a great vacation to Myrtle Beach , we are not back in the gym and causing major damage .

These 1st 2 days back have been crazy, we have busted some straight a$$ and loved every bit of it. Blood, sweat , tears, we don't care, we just take care of business, no matter the sacrifice.

Here is a run down of the past 2 days. Right now we are on a split of Mon,Tues. Off Wed. Back to work from Thursday to Saturday, off Sunday.

Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Chest and abs: Outdoor cardio
Wed: off-Cardio
Thursday: Back -Abs-Calves-Cardio
Friday: Bis/Tris: Abs
Saturday: Delts/Traps-Cardio

Monday was the most brutal day we have had in a while( I think we do this weekly).
We started off with 3 sets of Ext. to warm up
We then hit 3 warm up squats proceeded by 5 working sets with chains.
Next we hit front squats for 4 sets of high reps
Hack squats for 4 sets: low-high reps
20 rep Ext for 4 sets supersetted with lying leg curls(5 sets)

We literally squatted our A$$es off on Monday..haha..

Tuesday was just as brutal.
We lit the pecs up with Incline barbell press for 4 sets with chains after 3 warm up sets:
Flat bench 4 sets with chains:
Heavy flat dbell flyes:
Weighted Dips closed off chest day then we torched abs with my best ab training circuit, you can find that on bodyspace under my videos.

I hope you left all you had in the gym, we sure did and we do this every day, there is no excuse for you not leaving all you have in the gym.
You pay your memberships, you make the trip and you spend time in there, so why not make it worthwhile and worthwhile to the extreme.
Kill it in there, push your body to the limits and watch how well it responds..

Have a great week everyone.
Steve Poynter

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