Served up Legs on Tuesday

I am a little behind here, I have been busy with lots of things to do with http://www.fitnesspoynters.com.
I'll tell you now how and what we did on Leg Day this week.

We started out with a little pre-exhaust type workout .
Move 1 was multiple sets of Leg Extensions*20 reps followed up by seated leg curls for high reps.

Move 2 was Squats:
Today we did box squats using 220 lbs of chains.
We did most of our sets with high reps, such as 10-12, there was one set we hit only 5 reps , this was after piling on plates without really knowing what the bands weighed.

Move 3 was sets of 22" step ups while holding the arch bar.
We hit reps of 5-8

We hit a few sets of vertical leg press with 10-12 reps and very little rest time between.

Next were dbell stiff leg deadlifts * 15 reps each.

We finished off hams with good mornings with the cambered bar.

3 days later and the hams are still fried from this.

I'll let you know about Thursdays workout on Saturday.

Thanks ,
Steve Poynter
Poynter's Iron Pit Gym
Fitnesspoynters.com "Your Transformation Destination".

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