New Methods of Training

Greetings Everyone. 

I hope everyone is doing great. I just wanted to share some plans on a different training method I am about to embark on.
So lets get to it.

Basically what I am going to do is incorporate some powerlifting type moves into my bodybuilding style of workout and see where this can take me. I really want to add more mass, stay kind of lean right now and get stronger as I roll along.

We have added several things inside Poynter's Iron Pit gym that should take our training to a higher level.
We have things such as resistance bands, from 25 lbs to 150 lb bands, we have up to 220 lbs in chains.
We have swiss bars, cambered bars and soon we should have a safety squat bar.
I think by incorporating these different things into our workouts, we can shock our bodies in many ways and bring those lean and strength gains I am looking for.

So, tomorrow I will talk about our 1st workout and tell you about how things went with the new workout.
If anyone wants to know how to use chains and resistance bands in their training, feel free to hit me up and I will help you out.
I can even make some vids showing you how to set up your bands for squats and bench.

Everyone have a sick week of workouts.

Steve Poynter

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