Monday's Chest Day

Today we blasted out some chest. We had 4 of us going in a rotation.
Myself, Charlotte Quillen, Jesse Westburgh and Jim Davis.

As I stated yesterday, I did some higher rep moves rather than focus on heavy moves like I normally do.
I did this to give the body a rest, you all should do this from time to time, by doing so it will allow the body to recover a little more and you should be able to push heavier weight the next week.

Move 1:
Flat Bench press with Red Mini Bands and eventually we added monster minis to bring the total of band tension at the top to 220 lbs. (Note: Quillen did the mini bands plus 10's for her sets.

Move 2:
Incline dumbbell Press: Went for 10-15 reps here and for the last set, turned the dbells where palms were facing in , got this off powerlifter Corey Hayes. I will say I felt it really good in the upper pec area.

Move 3:
Hammer Strength Chest Press: We used the mini bands here and added 1 plate. Doing reps of 12-15 here, focusing on the contraction on each.

Move 4:
Incline dbell Fly: Really going deep at the bottom and contracting hard at the top. Sets of 15-20 reps

I finished off my day with some monster mini band crunches and oblique crunches.

Overall it was a sick day of training, I am still completely spent from it.

I hope everyone has had or you are about to have a sick day vs the Iron.

Thanks for checking this blog out.



  1. Awesome workout. Do you do all in the same movement like triple sets

  2. thats intense, ive tried the bands and there no fucking joke, steve i cant wait to get to a point where im not tired , and lean down phase is done, i know in time ! thanks for sharing this