Thursdays Behemoth Back Day

As many of you know, I am behind on our training days. So here goes our training for back day which was this past Thursday.
Note: We did a low weight, high rep workout this week to give our body a break from heavy lifts.

We started off with sets of wide grip pullups, we kept our reps from 8-12 here.

Next we moved on to deadlifts off a 2" platform and used purple resistance bands which come to 100 lbs at the top of the move. Our rep range here was 8-12

Move 3 was a one arm t-bar row, we started doing these about 4 weeks back. I'll get a vid to show you what we do here, this is a great back move. Reps 8-10

Close grip pulldowns were next and we hit 10-15 reps here.

The back day was finished off with straight arm pulldowns, one of the best moves I have found for shaping up the entire back.

Stay tuned to continue to see how we do things with training.

Steve Poynter:

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