Team Poynter Blog Week: Look How She Has Caused Fat To Melt like Butter!

Name: Heather Zanola

I began my Psychotic Fat Destruction Plan in late November 2009. Prior to working the Fitness Poynters plan, I was lifting weights steadily and eating clean to the best of my knowledge. I had bought books, networked with body builders and trainers, researched the net, and subscribed to a women’s body building magazine named Oxygen to learn as much as I could about diet and training.

When I was introduced to Fitness Poynters, I was at a place where I would train my muscles so hard, and often overtrain, because I wanted to lean up so badly and lose all of my body fat, but it wasn’t happening. I was introduced to Fitness Poynters online through BodyBuilding.com and the site guaranteed a total transformation. The Fitness Poynters site showed success stories and pictures, so I trusted my gut instincts and went with the program. I was at a place where I had nothing to lose.

I told co-workers and friends I was starting a new program, and within a week of the Psychotic Fat Destruction Plan (to shed fat and build lean muscle) everyone I knew around me saw the difference in my appearance, asked what I was doing differently and said I looked great! The diet was difficult to get used to at first, with the human cravings and all, but once you begin to see the changes in your body and how great you feel, you’re mind and body will adjust fast. My diet is protein based, with plenty of food to keep me full throughout the day. My metabolism began churning and I even quite drinking coffee because I no longer needed it.

Here are Heather's Changes after 8 weeks:

My best experience has been with this plan because I get to see a transformation in my body every week. All of my hard work with training and diet is paying off and I am now obtaining the weight, physique and muscle definition I’ve worked for years to obtain. And, this is only the beginning.

When I began the program, I weighed 154, and no matter what, I couldn’t shed the layer of fat off of my body like snow on a mountain. I also had a major car accident 7 years ago, limiting my ability to run – due to balance issues. So, it has been hard to lose the fat weight.

Currently, at weeks 9 and 10 of the program, I weigh 148, size 6, and everyone says I’m still shrinking and that I look the best I have in my life. I have lost inches more than weight. I’ve even been asked to compete in July 2010 in a local body building competition. My supplements have been Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock and ThyroStim T3.

My training no longer includes overtraining, but easy to manage workouts focusing on each body part. This program is great and I strongly recommend it to everyone I know!!! If you want a total transformation, Fitness Poynters can help you achieve that!"

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  1. I am very proud of everything you have accomplished with this workout program. You have been very dedicated to your routine. Keep up the hard work.

    Scott B.