Team Poynter Blog Week: See How Brandie Uses Training to Cope with Tragedy!

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My name is Brandie, I live in the upstate New York and for the past 3 years now it
has been the toughest time of my life.  I have always been pretty healthy and fit until I lost my father in 2003 and my best friend, my mother in 2007 both to cancer.

After losing my mom I started to just not care about anything anymore...I gained more weight, became very depressed and just really didn't care about anything. 

I knew I had to get out of this spot I was in and start living my life again.  My mother wrote in her last letter she left to me "Brandie please for me don't get depressed and stay down, you've got your kids to think of and you'll always have me in your heart, smile and laugh, remember our love and life together".

My complete inspiration, hard work and determination comes this letter she left me which is 7 pages long and from seeing everything that she went through in life. 

She was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 11 and didn't think she was even going to see me drive my first car.  My mother was the strongest women I know, she battled on and off with the breast cancer for 22 years and going through every medical possibility to keep her alive until it reached her brain.   I have always worked out but mostly just went through the motions not really caring about it.

My training and determination tells me I am strong like my mom I can beat anything that stands in my way.  I will eat healthy and be the most physically fit person I can be to make sure I have little or no chance of getting cancer like my parents did and to also feel absolutely great about myself physically and be the best mom to my kids and wife to my husband. 

I work out between 4-6 days a week and every time I walk into that gym I am excited to be there now, I do squates and feel that animal in me come out!  I feel strong inside and out and stronger every week I keep going.  I eat very healthy which makes me feel very strong and energetic, like they say "you are what you eat" and its so true. 

I eat 6 x a day with additional supplements that really help me with becoming who I want to be.  I take Cellucor D4 which is an excellent supplement for energy before your workouts and helps burn fat throughout the day.  I also take Cellucor T7 which is stimulant free, promotes positive mood, and helps release stubborn fat within our bodies. 

I also use No Extreme by Cellucor which increases lean muscle mass and gives you an explosive energy surge.  I believe Cellucor products are by far the best products on the market!  I take daily a protein drink by gaspari nutrition which helps me get more of the protein I need for my body and taste really good, not chalky like some protein shakes I have tried. 

I believe anyone out there can change with motivation and dedication!  If you fully dedicate yourself to being healthy and fit then you will be. 

My main goal in life physically is to become ripped, fit and lean.  I know I can do this, I know I can be strong and I know I can change and so can you.  There is NO EXCUSE!  We all have an inner strength we just have to find out what it is and make it happen.

This is dedicated to my mom & dad and to everyone else out there that has weight, medical or physical problems.  You can do this! You can be better! You are strong!  Being Repetitious will be your goal and you will see results!"

Thank You,

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! You are rather inspirational. I have come a long way in a year myself from medical problems due to my weight. Great job on wanting to be the best person you can in this world. Keep tearing it out with your workouts. I know tomorrow I will be pushing even harder in the gym thinking about your story. Thanks again for the inspiration.