Team Poynter Blog Week: She is Unstoppable: Read This & You Will Be Ready to Hit The Gym!

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In 2006 I topped the scale at 156 pounds with a 5’2” frame. I was never a big girl. In fact I ran cross country and track in high school and never stopped running. When I discovered weight training in the early 2000’s I added it to my work out routine and maintained a lean body for most of my life. I had no idea how I found myself in this predicament and now I was a year out from my wedding. There was no way I was going to walk down that aisle in double digit size dress.

I hired a personal trainer and nutritionist and lost 20 pounds. And in 2007 I was married in a size 6 wedding dress. My original goal was not only to look good for my wedding but also to get back my 115 lb body. But complacency, boredom with my workouts, missed meals and overdosing on conventional cardio resulted in a significant plateau. My weight loss came to a screeching halt.

I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I would remain 135 pounds and wear a size 6. After all…size 6 wasn’t so bad…it’s a single digit number LOL! But the truth was, I missed my old body and I was at a loss on how to get it back. Then I saw a friend’s “After” photo when she completed Steve Poynter’s Psychotic Fat Deduction plan. I was amazed at how different her body looked from the last time I saw her just a few months earlier. It totally motivated me and I was determined to try one of Steve’s plans ASAP!

So here I am, 12 weeks later completing my Psychotic Fat Deduction program (PFD) and I feel AWESOME! I have lost 12 pounds of body fat, 3 inches in my waist and 4 inches in my hips. I have gained a significant amount of lean muscle and couldn’t have asked for better results.

After getting over the two week hump, it seemed as if my 12 weeks went by in a blur. With my workouts changing every two weeks I didn’t have a chance to get bored nor did my body have a chance to get use to one routine. My motivation has been through the roof and It’s a wonderful feeling seeing how much stronger and smaller I am getting. I went from wishing my six-pack would pop to one day realizing I actually had one!

Probably in my 9th week I noticed I had reached a slight plateau. Over the Christmas Holiday I started a regimen of Cellucor’s Extreme NO, which gives me insane energy and pumps during my workouts; T7 Extreme, a stimulant free fat burner; and WS1 Extreme, which aides my body in preventing the insulin spikes that lead to fat storage. After two weeks on this regimen I noticed I am losing weight again and hopefully this is the end of my plateau.

My husband always says that once you reach a goal you should immediately set a new goal to prevent yourself from becoming stagnated. I have been working out more than half my life and have finally realized that without setting goals and having a good solid foundation of rules to live by, I could easily find myself back in that 156 pound body. I know now how easy it is to sabotage oneself, so I have adopted the following set of rules for myself:
  1.  I DO NOT miss meals! When I am on the run I am always prepared because I have to eat small meals every 2 to 2 1/2 hours. I keep a can of chicken or tuna and protein powder in my purse in case of an emergency. I have been known to pull out my pop top can while shopping at the mall.

  2.  I DO NOT skip my Post workout protein drink. I use Optimum Pro as my Post workout protein drink because of its superior protein blend that aides my body in its recovery and rebuilding process.

  3. I DO NOT skip a workout unless it is absolutely necessary! In the past 12 weeks I think I have missed one workout because of the Holidays. I am not sure it was worth mentioning, since I made it up the next day. LOL

  4. I DO NOT go to the gym without my little workout book! I print out my routine on a spreadsheet for the entire week and glue it into my book. It is as necessary of an item as my sneakers and my strength training gloves as I use it to keep track of my daily workout, reference the last weight lifted and log my progress.

  5. I DO the entire workout scheduled for the day from start to finish. There are plenty of times I want to skip my AB routine or cardio and get home a little earlier than usual. But I don’t. Why start a bad habit that will only result in my sabotaging all my hard work. I finish every set and rep unless the muscle is so fatigued that I cannot complete the rep. I always believe it’s that one set and that last rep that you thought you couldn’t complete that separates the Women from the Girls!! Giving it your all puts you one step closer to your goal and does wonders for your motivation and self esteem.

  6.  I DO WORK every time I step in the gym! So where do I go from here? Another month on the “PFD” meal plan and one of Steve’s muscle building programs. My next goal….to have a Fitness Competitor’s physique. Once I achieve that, who knows, because quite frankly the sky’s the limit. Just ask any dedicated member of Team Poynter.....We "Rep It 'till It Burns" and then some!!


  1. YAYE.. Awesome progress!!! :) "B" aka Carb up..LOL

  2. great job, proud of you

  3. Yup that's my wife! Superwoman! (nupeman - bodyspace)

  4. You are proof that change can happen if you only work at it.

  5. OMG! That's Amazing Results! Just Like The Magazines! Can A Old Man Join?

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