Team Poynter Blog Week: Look How This Lean Machine is Getting Leaner: Major Motivator!

Jacqueline Smith
BodySpace I.D. http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/Sweetpeach79/

Where do I start! Well I guess from the beginning of my journey to get stronger and ripped! I joined bodybuilding.com in November 2008. Quickly after joining I met Steve Poynter. That was the day my life changed, and trust me it didn’t happen overnight. I had been working out for about 5 years but my body wasn’t changing simply because I was not challenging it the way I should.

My diet was not horrible, but no where near clean or even capable of helping me put on muscle and lose fat. I was eating 3 meals a day sometimes only 2 and not drinking nearly enough water. Steve set me up with a meal plan and I would follow it and then fall off the wagon for a couple days, then pick back up and follow the plan, etc. I mean I am only human. You have to really want something bad enough and push yourself in ways that you know will push you past the barriers holding you back.

To be honest, it took me a whole year to be able to eat clean consistently, and absolutely love it! I love the way I my body is changing, and muscles are forming but most importantly I love the way I feel. I have so much energy and focus in the gym now that my diet is on track. A lot of people think they can eat as they wish and just workout and get a dream body.

I wish it worked that way. I have found out the hard way that eating nutritious foods (5-6 small meals a day), the right supplementation, and a serious workout plan is vital to getting the body of your dreams. The drive is with everyone!! You just have to really look deep inside and pull it out of you.

Believe in yourself and you will see that pushing yourself day in and out is going to be contagious and you will only want more and more. Once you start following your plan and start seeing results it makes you push that much harder. Your body is an amazing thing and it able to adapt to things so much easier than you think.

My current supplements include: Cellucor Extreme Weight Loss Kit- Includes D4 Thermal Shock, T7 & WS1. These three babies combined together are doing some magical things!! I started feeling leaner after the 3rd day plus the energy you get is freakin EXPOLOSIVE!! Along with these supplements I take a daily multi-vitamin, B 12, EGCG. Pre- workout to give me the extra pumps and focus I take Cellucor NO Extreme which is a great product! I cycle this with Controlled Labs White Flood.

Another great company and product. For during my workouts I sip extend which is loaded with BCAA. I can honestly say that this stuff tastes amazing (like cool-aid) and it dramatically reduces soreness!!I currently take Species Nutrition Isolyze in Vanilla Peanut butter. This stuff tastes like recee pieces!! No carbs, sugars or lactose! Awesome! With Steve’s workout trust me you don’t want to be without it!

Right now I am currently on week 5 of Steve’s PFD plan and also on a keto diet. The keto diet was rough at first since the carbs are so low, but after the first week my energy went through the roof and beyond!

My strength in the gym is phenomenal and continues to grow. The workout is amazing! I have totally underestimated my strength and can now leg press 395 for 10 reps. I feel so amazing and powerful loading up four 45 lb plates on the leg press. Then I just laugh to myself when the guy next to me has less weight on his than I do. Now that makes me fee like a beast! LOL!

I have actually had a few guys that train come up to me and tell me “Man your pushing some serious weight their”. That makes me feel so awesome! Makes me want to push even harder!! Steve has pointed out that you need the DESIRE, DRIVE & DEDICATION to really get to where you want to be. This is so true, and I know that YOU have it within you to do this! Just tell yourself that you can, that you are able and that you want this so bad that you can taste it! Until next time… TRAIN LIKE A BEAST!!

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